Anodizing Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9000:2008 certification along with our strict product processing guidelines is another way you can be sure you will receive first class and consistent service.

As part of our overall quality assurance, all parts are inspected prior to processing for damage and other issues such as material imperfections.

We maintain tight controls and records of all our chemical baths as well as anodizing parameters to ensure high quality, repeatable results.

We run our own test samples on a daily basis for analysis and retention to ensure chemical and anodizing parameters are perfect.

All work is inspected prior to and again during packaging to ensure compliance with both our and your specifications.

You will be immediately notified of deficiencies or issues at every step in the process and we will correct any errors or issues within our control and ability.

Anodizing Tip

Many anodizers can produce a single load of parts that look good. However, few have the skill and experience like Altech in keeping proper control of the many variables affecting anodizing quality to produce continually repeatable and consistent results.

We constantly provide customers with exacting consistency and/or colour matching from order to order and that is why we are trusted by many of Canada’s largest volume producers.

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