Racking & Fixturing

Racking & Fixturing

Racking and fixturing is a critical part in processing aluminum parts for anodizing or chemical conversion coatings.  All parts to be anodized must be racked. Altech has the ability to rack small and large parts for jobs ranging in degree from simple to  complex ones. We have refined this process to be so precise that it maintains the size integrity of any hole and part dimensions that exist in your product, as well as minimizing the point of contact where the product is racked. We can custom design special features to process your parts.

When the parts arrive in the anodizing shop, even before starting to process the aluminum parts, they need to be unpacked and racked. It is important to provide clear instructions  on how the parts are to be racked. The areas where the rack and the part will touch will not be anodized.

Racking is one of the most important steps in the anodizing process. The basic functions of the racking is to hold the part tight during transfer between the different process tanks and to provide sufficient contact to the part, so that enough current can run, to form a uniform layer on the aluminum part.

Aluminum and titanium are the most common materials for racking before anodizing. There are advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

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