Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation prior to anodizing is critical in achieving the best anodizing results.

Polishing Tip

Surface cleanliness and preparation is the key to good polishing results. Attempting to polish a dirty surface or one that has not been properly cleaned using proper industrial grade cleaners will only result in the impurities being forced deeper into the surface.


Manual and/or mechanical polishing provides a lustrous surface finish to improve the appearance of any part.

Some choose not to further process their parts after polishing while most will specify an additional process such as anodizing. The result is a very high end and unique finish that stands out from traditional anodized and plated parts.

Time Saving (Scotch Brite)

Through this unique Time Saving process, Altech can perform simple cosmetic alterations to your product before it’s processed. Time Saving is available in  3 types types of grit finishes and can remove harsh edges, smooth out unwanted conductive points, or simply create an attractive texture to your aluminum materials. This is available in three types of grit sizes.


Electropolishing is an electrochemical process for polishing various metals including aluminum and stainless steel.  See for further information on this process which will substantially enhance the corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance of your parts.

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