Type II Anodizing

Type II Sulphuric Acid Anodizing

Type II anodizing is available in Class 1 clear (non-dyed) or Class 2 dyed.
Altech offers Class 2 anodizing in 9 standard colours:

  • Black, Grey/Pewter, Red, Orange, Gold, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Blue, and Purple
  • Custom colours are available

Typical Type II Anodizing Applications

  • Sporting goods
  • Marine products
  • Electrical products and enclosures
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Appliances
  • Architectural aluminum-door frames, windows frames and extrusions
  • Lighting fixtures

Type II Anodizing Coating Thicknesses

Coating Thickness of Type II anodizing will vary from 2/10 of a thou (.0002 inches) for clear anodizing to 8/10 of a thou (.0008 inches) for certain colour anodizing.

Type II coatings ranging from 1 thou (.001 of an inch) to 1.4 thou (.0014 inches) are available upon request. Thicker coatings when processed properly will provide harder more durable protection for the aluminum.

Anodizing Tip

Type II Sulphuric acid anodizing can be done on a vast range of aluminum alloys. The less alloying elements in the aluminum the better the result, especially when dying the anodic coating.

Cast alloys are difficult to consistently colour, particularly those with high silicon content.

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