Ano-Color Printing

Ano-color printing or Ano-printing is a specialized process whereby any desired text or graphics are screen printed on to aluminum and then effectively sealed beneath a layer of anodizing for the ultimate in durability and permanency.

Unlike traditional printing or screen printing on aluminum, ano-color printing does not lay on the surface of your anodized part. Instead it is actually beneath a protective layer of anodic coating. The printing is solvent proof and scratched resistant.

Ano-printing is ideal for outdoor environments, especially marine applications and also ideal for food production areas as the printing is sealed under the surface making contamination virtually impossible.

Uses for Ano-Printing

Some of the many uses for ano-printing are:

  • Outdoor Signage
  • Plaques
  • Nameplates
  • Labels

Ano-Printing Tip

Ano-printing must be done in a carefully controlled process in conjunction with anodizing. It cannot be done by a traditional printer or screen print shop. Beware of print shops that promise the durability and protection provided by true ano-printing.  It cannot be replicated without a full anodizing line which is yet another reason why many customers trust Altech Anodizing and Lasertech Marking for all of their anodizing and printing needs.

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